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Because patient care doesn’t end at 5pm!

Your patients depend upon you to be there for them. You take that commitment seriously. Professional Communication Services is a messaging center dedicated to the medical community — We take your commitment seriously, too. When you forward your calls to us, our trained and caring staff will follow your specific instructions while treating your patients with the same courtesy and respect they receive from your office staff

Not just another call center...

Why choose a specialized messaging center?

Professional Communication Services LLC is a physician-owned, 24-hour medical call center committed to the support of healthcare specialists across Alabama and the Southeast. Our agents are intensively trained and committed to providing reliable, efficient and compassionate assistance to its clients 24/7/365. We are HIPAA compliant and abide by ethical telecommunication practices as a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Association of Teleservices International.

Your medical practice is not just another office. Your patients will consider their entire experience when determining whether or not you practice good medicine, including how they are treated when your office is closed. PCS is not just another messaging service.

We are a medical call center dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our, and your, medical community using today’s technology combined with classic courtesy and competence. Your patients are your top priority. Helping you keep that priority when your office closes is ours.

Call us today to discuss how we can serve your medical office. You’ll relax knowing that your patients are being cared for...

when your office is closed!